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Decision Support System-Agroforestry

Decision Support System-Agroforestry (DSS-Agroforestry) is a web-based platform developed under USAID’s Forest-PLUS 2.0 program to enable informed decision making for species selection for plantations on lands outside the recorded forest area. The species database of the DSS-Agroforestry is designed considering multiple criteria such as native species, availability of quality planting material, ecosystem services, and livelihood benefits for communities. The tool uses geospatial and biophysical parameters like rainfall, temperature, topography, soil properties that help in identifying appropriate species and agroforestry models for a particular location and land parcel defined by the user. The DSS-Agroforestry tool has been piloted in Medak district with a focus on promoting agroforestry practices, diversifying farm-based livelihood options, and enhanced ecosystem-based landscape management.